Product specifications Binc

36cm x 56cm x 68cm
50 liter (15+20+15)
50 liter (15+20+15)
White, Black
11 kg
Default 3, extendable to 4
delivered with starterset waste bags and stickers
2 sticks, wheels, stickers, 4 colored waste bags
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When choosing a waste bin for your office environment, what do you look for? Do you choose by design? Ease of use? Functionality, perhaps? It can be a difficult choice. That being said, with the unique Binc concept you can have it all – and more!

The Binc is definitely functional: the waste is sorted in a single system which can easily be converted from 3 to 4 compartments, a useful feature if you ever need to add an additional waste stream. Furthermore, you can choose between an open top and a closed lid. A wonderful example of Dutch design, the Binc adds a touch of style to any work environment. And, the Binc is synonymous with ease; the fitted bags for each waste stream, made from recycled plastics, are instantly recognisable by their colour and quickly and conveniently click into the bin through clever openings. The bags are easy to change and keep clean. Your office cleaners will be delighted.

The Binc comes standard with stickers (see photo) and a starter set waste bags. Pre-order the Binc now, The Binc is delivered from August.

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